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Why we are “all in” about All-on-4®, Advanced dentures are supported with as few as four implants!

Invest in yourself. All-on-4® implants are the “gift that keeps on giving.” Our patients at Los Alamitos Dental Care have been able to enjoy their favorite meals. They laugh and smile confidently and proudly. Their speech remains clear. Since these systems made from implants support the strength of the bone in the jaw, proper function does not deteriorate over time. Patients continue to be satisfied with how their dentures look and feel for many years.

Why patients are “all in” with All-on-4®

Dental implants are cylinder-shaped posts. They are made from biocompatible (tissue-friendly) materials, such as titanium. These materials are devised to fuse naturally with surrounding tissues. Each implant is surgically positioned in the jawbone. So, in the months following implant placement, it fuses or joins to the bone. The implant is now connected to the rest of the jaw. It can then function like a tooth root. Once a prosthetic tooth is attached to the implant, it “roots” the restoration in the jaw. This approach mimics the design of the natural tooth structure. 

All-on-4® implants are appropriate for patients with more extensive needs, for instance, those individuals who have lost all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw(s) or arch(es). Additionally, this treatment may be well-suited to those individuals with many failing teeth. All of these teeth may require extraction. 

Conventional bridges and partials require at least some healthy remaining teeth in the arch. After all, they depend on these remaining teeth for their support. The replacement tooth in a bridge is anchored by its neighbors. Likewise, the prosthetic teeth in a partial denture are connected to neighboring teeth through specialized attachments. These options are not feasible for patients who do not have healthy teeth. 

In the past, options were limited to traditional removable full dentures. These dentures were made up of prosthetic teeth and gums. Natural suction holds the denture in the mouth. So, proper fit is essential. Over time, bone is lost in the jaw. The bone resorbs or shrinks due to a lack of stimulation from teeth that are rooted in the jaw. This leads to a poor fit and dentures that slip around. 

With implant-supported systems like All-on-4®, the bone in your jaw remains strong. The force from behaviors such as grinding down food is transferred from the denture to the implants in the jawbone. Patients’ dentures continue to fit well. Their satisfaction with dentures remains high for years, even decades after the denture is placed. 

Furthermore, due to advanced technologies and techniques, we can support an entire upper or lower denture with as few as four implants! This approach minimizes the expense, time spent in treatment, and treatment sites. Patients who are missing all their teeth do not need one implant to support each prosthetic tooth in the denture. These revolutionary systems are designed to maximize bone. Such careful and precise placement allows a minimal number of implants to effectively “root” and stabilize the denture. 

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