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Keep your smile looking youthful and your teeth strong with dental bonding

No matter your age, you can have an attractive smile that exudes confidence, health, and energy. As providers of lifelong dental care that exceeds expectations, the Los Alamitos Dental Care team partners with individuals of all ages from across our corner of southern California to protect the beauty and function of their teeth. In doing so, we keep teeth strong and minimize the wear and tear that can result in concerns such as chipped teeth. 

Our talented dentists can also use dental bonding to correct cosmetic imperfections and to strengthen teeth that may be vulnerable to damage. 

Dental Bonding – Remarkable Patient Results

Los Alamitos Dental Care: Bonding Brilliance for Unforgettable Smiles

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Bonding benefits, process

The bonding procedure involves artfully preparing a material such as composite resin. The resin will be used to cover up or disguise cosmetic flaws. It can also be used to protect weak teeth. Over time, the gums can begin to pull away from the teeth. As gum recession occurs, it can expose the roots of the teeth. Affected teeth are then vulnerable to dental decay. 

The dental composite is applied directly to the teeth. Then, our dentists artfully shape it. The material is secured or “bonded” to the tooth. Lastly, the treated teeth are polished. Bonding involves very little preparation of the natural tooth. So, it is considered a reversible, conservative, tooth-preserving, and painless treatment. 

Dental bonding is also:

  • Versatile – In addition to covering up chipped teeth and strengthening teeth that are at risk of damage, Los Alamitos Dental Care may recommend bonding to disguise gaps between teeth, small fractures or cracks, size- and shape-related irregularities, and stubborn or severe staining and discoloration. 
  • Quick – Treatment can be completed with just one visit to our office. Comparable treatments, such as porcelain veneers, are made by outside labs. They require at least two visits, one to prepare the tooth and another to place the veneer.
  • Tooth-preserving – It is not necessary to remove any tooth structure during the bonding process. Since the enamel remains intact, treatment is largely tolerated well and does not require a numbing anesthetic. 
  • A great value – Bonding can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile, and it does not cost as much as procedures like veneers. 

Your enhanced smile awaits at Los Alamitos Dental Care! In consultation with you, we will determine the best option to maintain or restore the oral health that supports an attractive appearance and overall well-being. Call (562) 539-0011 to schedule your appointment. 

Success Stories

Patients smile gallery
Patients smile gallery