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Conservative, cosmetic, and capable options for cavity repair at Los Alamitos Dental Care

The best time to visit the dentist is before you notice any changes involving the appearance, feel, and function of your mouth. Our team in Los Alamitos, California, can keep your mouth looking, feeling, and functioning great with exceptional, proactive care. Our six talented dentists also emphasize using conservative materials and techniques to rebuild tissues and restore oral health. 

Fillings and cavities repair 

Our approach is also built on a foundation of identifying and managing each patient’s unique vulnerabilities to threats to their oral health, notably dental decay and periodontal disease. 

Your mouth is full of bacteria that love sugary and starchy foods and beverages. Bacteria feed on the sugars and starches. They produce acids that later contribute to sticky bacterial plaque film. When you don’t remove food particles and bacteria, the acids in the plaque attack those minerals that make up the outer covering of your teeth. While it is stronger than skeletal bone, the enamel protective covering is not impervious to injury. 

In fact, the acidic nature of plaque results in those small openings or holes in the hard surface of the teeth, which we know as cavities. If left unchecked, untreated cavities can progress to painful oral, jaw, or facial infections. As periodontal disease and tooth decay worsen, the attachments between the teeth and gums break down. Teeth become loose in their sockets. Even with the best rehabilitative options, our team may be unable to save severely damaged or deeply inflamed teeth. 

With our proactive care, however, you can avoid the need for restorative options. Or, should restorations be necessary, the process is generally conservative and straightforward. The filling process is designed to repair cavities. First, the tooth itself is “prepared.” We want to start with a clean slate. So, damaged tissue must be removed. 

Second, the filling material is prepared. There are many materials to choose from. They include metals, ceramics, and composites (resins or a type of plastic). We are happy to discuss each option at greater length with you. Some options, such as composite resin, may be appropriate for visible areas of the mouth as they blend in with the rest of the tooth and the surrounding neighbors. Furthermore, non-metal options generally require less removal of natural tissue to accommodate the filling. They preserve more natural tissue. 

Third, the material of choice is anchored or secured to the surrounding prepared tooth. 

Once the filling is placed, our team in Los Alamitos, CA, will work closely with you to avoid the need for further and more extensive treatment in the future. Call us at (562) 539-0011 before tooth sensitivity and other signs of a cavity arise. 

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