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Rethink dentures with an array of smile-transforming and life-changing options

If dentures are not an appealing option, at Los Alamitos Dental Care, we encourage you to get to know today’s tooth replacement! If we cannot preserve your teeth, an array of dental appliances, materials, and techniques are available to replicate the structure, appearance, function, and feel of natural and healthy teeth. These options fly in the face of traditional perceptions of dentures as fake, bulky, uncomfortable, ill-fitting “false teeth.” 

Dentures and partials in Los Alamitos, California

Extractions or teeth removal are almost always “last resort” procedures. Whenever possible, we try to preserve the natural tooth through means such as root canal therapy followed by restorations like porcelain dental crowns. So, we may be able to “save” some of your broken or aching teeth. In that case, you would not need a complete or full set of dentures. 

Partial dentures are appropriate for people with some remaining, healthy teeth. Existing teeth are necessary for “partials” because the prosthetic teeth and gum tissue sit on a metal framework that connects to the remaining teeth. In this manner, the prosthetic depends on the natural teeth the denture attaches to (through specialized attachments). 

Now, for people who do not have any remaining teeth in the upper or lower jaw (or both upper and lower jaws), complete or full dentures are appropriate. Prosthetic teeth and a gum-colored base are precisely fitted to the shape, size, and contours of your oral tissues. A precise fit is essential because the denture is stabilized with natural suction. We take great care to plan and design dentures that fit perfectly. 

Dentures that fit well don’t slip around. They are comfortable and do not cause irritation or sores. You can speak clearly, chew efficiently, and smile and laugh freely. Furthermore, modern dentures are made from advanced and durable materials. They can be perfectly color-matched to complement your smile and facial features. These dentures do not look “plastic” or “fake.” 

We are happy to discuss innovative alternatives for our valued patients who are concerned about caring for and maintaining the fit of their dentures over the long haul. These include bridges, partials, and full dentures supported by dental implants. Implants, or small posts, are positioned in the jaw. They are made from materials formulated to “fuse” to the surrounding bone. So, implants become a part of the jawbone. 

Once attached to the prosthetic teeth – crowns, bridges, partials, complete dentures – implants function like tooth roots. Implant-supported dentures stay put! They also keep the bone in the jaw strong due to the stimulation from the attached prosthetic teeth. Healthy bone supports the lasting health of implant-retained partials or full dentures (“overdentures”).

Los Alamitos Dental Care looks forward to discussing options to complete and enhance your smile! There are considerations, pros, and cons associated with each. Call (562) 539-0011 today. You may also gravitate toward “immediate dentures,” replacement teeth that can be applied during the same appointment at your extractions. The provisional dentures give you a running start in adjusting to your new teeth. Plus, you never have to be seen or function without all of your teeth!  

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