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When toothaches, injuries can’t wait: Resolve pain quickly, treat oral conditions properly with emergency care

Accidents. Injuries. Debilitating toothaches. These and other problems never seem to arise at “convenient” times. It is Murphy’s law. Fortunately, when other dentist’s offices in our corner of southern California are closed, we are open and available for you!

Los Alamitos Dental Care accommodates emergency care promptly. Our team, led by six talented dentists, prioritizes those patients whose needs are urgent. So, you never have to wait too long to see us.

Furthermore, our flexible morning, evening, and weekend hours are better suited when many dental emergencies occur – after-hours! Moments really do matter. Due to these truths, we take our emergency services very seriously.

For instance, if you sustain an “avulsed” (or “knocked-out”) tooth, the prognosis is generally good if we are able to reimplant the tooth within 30 minutes to two hours of it being dislodged in the first place. The risk of losing the tooth for good rises considerably the longer the tooth is out of your mouth. We can also advise on ways to store the tooth when traveling to our office. Generally, do not rinse the dislocated tooth in water. Place in milk (if available) or your own saliva in a clean jar and travel to see us immediately!

Our kind, unhurried, and highly skilled approach supports quick relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. It also supports the natural and healthy treatment of the underlying condition.

Since you seek emergency care from dental professionals, you can trust that treatment is in your smile’s best, long-term interests, overall health, and quality of life. We will not simply “pull” a tooth. Every effort will be made to preserve the tooth, knowing that tooth loss is best avoided in most situations. Restorative treatments are generally invasive, costly, and time-consuming.

Additionally, our dentists and staff work closely with individuals and families in Los Alamitos, California, and beyond to prevent what we can. Preventive services such as regular professional cleanings protect the teeth from deep decay and infections, which can lead to intense pain and frantic after-hours emergency calls. Still, other services, like mouthguards, help to protect the teeth, mouth, and jaws from injuries caused by blows to the face during contact sports.

If it is an emergency to you, it is an emergency to us. Keep our number handy, and call us at (562) 539-0011.

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