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We keep your implants going strong and looking great for life

At Los Alamitos Dental Care, we take the “long view” when partnering with patients from southern California on their dental implant treatment. We do not simply recommend, design, and place implants. Our team goes above and beyond. We strive to be true partners with our patients after the implant has been placed and the restoration of the implant has been completed. 

While implant-supported teeth have a high success rate, they are not invulnerable to damage. Late implant failures can still occur that threaten the integrity of these new teeth. Our six talented dentists and skilled team work closely with patients to minimize the risk of implant failures at every stage of treatment.

Ongoing care for a lifetime of healthy smiles 

In some respects, “after-care” actually starts at the consultation phase. During this stage, we identify any risk factors that can adversely affect the long-term success of the implant-retained teeth. We try to anticipate any problems that could result in implant failures and shorten the lifespan of the implant teeth. 

These risks include habits like smoking, which negatively affects the blood flow necessary for proper implant healing, and behaviors such as teeth grinding. Chronic “bruxism,” as the condition is known, stresses the implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture. While durable and strong, implants may be no match for the extreme mechanical load placed on the implant by those individuals who habitually grind their teeth and clench their jaws. 

Our dentists are proactive; we address these and other potential trouble factors by recommending the likes of customized “nightguards,” worn to protect the teeth and dental work from damage caused by bruxism during sleep. 

All in all, implant teeth are low maintenance. No special products or techniques are needed to keep the implants strong and healthy. It is essential not to skimp on good oral hygiene. While crowns and other restorations do not decay like natural tooth structures, implant-supported restorations are still susceptible to a gum disease-like inflammation called “peri-implant mucositis.” At this stage, the inflammation is reversible. Without treatment, however, the condition may progress to “peri-implantitis.” At this stage, bone may be lost, and the implant can fail. 

Our team must regularly examine your mouth during follow-visits and hygiene appointments. We will assess the condition of the gums, bone, and other tissues connected to the implant. In this manner, Los Alamitos Dental Care can intervene with problems early to “save” your teeth. In fact, we can often repair existing implants. This avoids the need to replace the implant, which is the most costly portion of the prosthetic tooth. 

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