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The Perio Protect Method®: A cutting-edge treatment, without the “cutting”!

We stay true to our mission of providing lifelong dental care and exceeding expectations by investing in the latest techniques and technologies that modern dentistry offers. These alternatives to conventional dental treatments are generally painless, conservative, efficient, and highly precise to support optimal outcomes. The Perio Protect Method® presents an alternative to invasive and aggressive traditional techniques to treat gum disease. 

Cutting-edge treatment … without the cutting!

One of our six dentists at Los Alamitos Dental Care may recommend Perio Protect to a range of patients across our corner of Orange County, California. It is an appropriate method to avoid surgery altogether. Or it may be a helpful follow-up treatment after surgery.

It may also be recommended for individuals with moderate gingivitis and periodontitis alike. Not unlike other oral conditions, gum disease is progressive. The former example, gingivitis, represents the early stage of gum disease. It is characterized by inflammation. At this point, the effects of gingivitis can be reversed. The supportive soft and hard tissues are preserved. The latter example, periodontitis, represents a later-stage disease. It is characterized by severe inflammation and infection. 

While powerful, this versatile treatment is largely tolerated well because we avoid using scalpels and incisions. Risks of side effects and complications are further minimized due to this non-invasive approach. The Perio Protect Method® involves delivering bacteria-fighting medication in a targeted manner to diseased tissues via a custom Perio Tray™. The tray or oral appliance is sized to fit your mouth’s unique contours and specifications. You simply slip it in your mouth as directed by one of our talented dentists. 

When worn as advised, Perio Protect transfers the medicine to the gum line. The medication can then penetrate deeply – into those areas that cannot be reached with OTC toothbrushes, floss, and other oral care products.

Formerly, individuals with more severe forms of the disease were limited in options to heal their gums and restore lost tissues. The Perio Protect Method® is changing the game because even those with periodontitis may benefit from aggressive treatment without the undesirable pain and other side effects associated with earlier-generation therapies.

Oral problems do not subside on their own. They only get worse. Call (562) 539-0011 now to preserve the health and beauty of your smile. 

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