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The importance and ease of routine professional cleanings at our office

A lifetime of healthy smiles means a lifetime commitment to oral care at home and professional care at our office in Los Alamitos, California. You really cannot have one without the other; good hygiene at home is essential because plaque is constantly building up on the teeth. You have to manage it and the other substances that work together to potentially damage your attractive and functional smile.

Yet, preventive teeth cleaning by one of our skilled dental hygienists accomplish what cannot be done with standard home care techniques and tools alone. Since no one can remove all plaque, it builds up and hardens into tartar on our teeth and at the gum line. Tartar is stubborn and requires a well-trained hand equipped with special tools to remove it. Our patients love how fresh their mouths feel after a good cleaning! It also works wonders to prevent surface stains that make our teeth look drab and unhealthy and that prematurely “age” our smiles. 

What to expect at your next cleaning

Before your mouth can look and feel it’s fresh best, one of our hygienists will look for trouble signs. These could include inflamed gums, strange sores, or popping and clicking sounds when you open and close your mouth (indicative of TMJ dysfunction). Now, if it is a concerning issue, one of our six dentists will take a peek inside to ensure that it’s OK to move forward with the cleaning process. 

For example, some patients with active gum disease may be better candidates for “deep cleaning,” scaling, and root planing, as an alternative to the standard professional teeth cleaning. Active infections may need to be cleared. 

We use the most gentle techniques and also have relaxing “helpers” to keep even the most anxious or fearful patients comfortable. Generally, though, as long as you practice consistent flossing and brushing at home, there should not be a lot of discomfort during this standard service. There may be discomfort or sensitivity if your home care is lax or challenging. But, again, we can resolve discomfort through other means (including numbing topicals).

Special dental instruments are carefully applied during the cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and around the gum line. A professional brush is then used to painlessly scrub or polish the teeth and provide that wonderful refreshing clean sensation! Lastly, your teeth get a good flossing to lift any lingering plaque and the special paste used during the cleaning process. We are happy to walk you through the process and discuss ways to step up your flossing and brushing game. We can even provide you with new oral care products to try, such as interdental picks and floss threaders for hard-to-reach spaces. 

A comprehensive exam generally accompanies the cleaning. During this appointment, x-rays may be taken, and our dentists can also discuss or apply professional preventive services or products – from dental sealants to fluoride. 

Has it been more than six months since your last check-up? If so, you are overdue! Call Los Alamitos Dental Care without delay at (562) 539-0011 to schedule your cleaning today.

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