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Finding the right sleep dentist in Los Alamitos is key to ending your teeth-related sleep issues. If you’re currently searching for a qualified sleep apnea dentist, consider Los Alamitos Dental Care. We are pleased to offer our patients options for sleep apnea oral appliances, snoring appliances, and nightguards to protect teeth.

Do You Have Sleep Apnea

Determining whether you have sleep apnea is more complicated than you may think. For this reason alone, it’s highly recommended that patients seek professional diagnosis before spending money on sleep appliances they may not need or ones that may not be the right fit for their situation.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or OSA, should in every case be diagnosed by a professional. Bring your referral to Los Alamitos Dental Care and discuss your needs with our knowledgeable staff.

We Screen for Sleep Apnea

Our sleep dentist at Los Alamitos Dental Care is highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea; in fact, our doctors have undergone extensive training in a procedure known by professionals as Airway Focused Dentistry. As such, we have invested heavily in the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to assist us in identifying and treating OSA.​

We use 3D Computer Tomography, Sound Wave Pharygometry, and the ARES home sleep test to correctly diagnose sleep apnea since correct diagnosis leads to effective treatment.

Suspecting Sleep Apnea

Dental experts advise patients to be screened for sleep apnea when any of the following symptoms are present:

  • Snoring during sleep

  • Someone close to you reporting that you stop breathing during sleep

  • Daytime drowsiness or exhaustion

  • Having to get up at night to urinate

  • Morning headaches

  • Grinding or clenching teeth during sleep

  • High blood pressure

How to Choose a Sleep Dentist in Los Alamitos

Look for a practice with experience in sleep apnea screening and treatment. There are still many dentists practicing in the US who are unfamiliar with how to treat sleep apnea. You can learn more about our qualifications at LADC when you visit us online or call our office.​

Take advantage of website resources, such as information about services provided by a particular practice. Look for keywords in the services section that include sleep apnea, sleep help, sleep dentistry, or sleep, dentist. If you don’t see information on your prospective dentist’s website about sleep apnea, chances are, they’re not the right practice for your needs.

Schedule a Consultation

Feel free to meet with our staff regarding sleep apnea issues. Following a screening, we’ll discuss our findings with you and offer options in treatment that we believe will alleviate the problem. We’ll work closely with you to find the correct solution to your sleep issues, drawing from our years of experience and knowledge.

If you have additional questions, you can connect right now with a representative from our practice through Live Chat. You’re also welcome to call our practice’s sleep dentist in Los Alamitos or book an appointment by phone or through our website.

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