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Restoring confidence, health, and well-being by transforming smiles

Our talented dental team is dedicated to providing lifelong dental care by exceeding expectations. Los Alamitos Dental Care appreciates that family members of all ages deserve to have healthy and attractive smiles. Aging should not be associated with a less-than-desirable smile. 

Fortunately, individuals who have suffered from wear and tear, deepening stains, and other imperfections can benefit from an array of cosmetic dentistry services. Depending on your needs, you may be a candidate for a smile makeover or full-mouth reconstruction. Both approaches are highly transformative and life-changing. 

Regardless of your unique needs and concerns, it is our lifelong mission to make all patients’ experiences with us as convenient, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. In part, we provide a vast range of cosmetic and restorative procedures and dental technologies. This feature of our office allows us to resolve conditions and concerns painlessly, quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively. 

What to expect

The process of enhancing your smile starts with a thorough evaluation and consultation. This step helps us to understand your needs and desires. From there, we can recommend the best combination of services to achieve or restore natural beauty, brilliance, and balance. These offerings include: 

  • Professional teeth whitening – Have you been disappointed by OTC products in the past? You have come to the right place for effective, safe, and comfortable teeth whitening. We customize every aspect of the whitening process to your needs. This customized approach allows us to minimize tooth sensitivity associated with whitening gels. We can also achieve the level of whitening that you desire. 
  • Bonding and porcelain veneers – We use composite resin or dental ceramics (porcelain) to cover up many common imperfections, including worn-down teeth and gaps between teeth. Bonding is sometimes called “direct veneers” because our dentists apply the resin directly to the prepared teeth. This material is then shaped to address each patient’s unique aesthetic concerns. Porcelain veneers are characterized as “indirect veneers’; our cosmetic ceramist typically makes these thin layers of porcelain. They are then applied and secured to the front surfaces of the teeth.
  • Discreet teeth straightening – We offer Invisalign® as a cosmetic and comfortable alternative to traditional, silver-hued braces. Invisalign® uses clear aligner trays to gently and gradually reposition the teeth. In turn, these trays may correct many different types of spacing and bite issues. Unlike fixed braces, aligners can be removed when eating meals, brushing, and flossing. 

Patients from all walks of life have access to quality cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry at Los Alamitos Dental Care. We have lifted financial barriers to care by providing an alternative to traditional dental insurance: our in-house dental savings membership plan. Our valued members receive discounts on treatments and services essential to their overall health and well-being. 

Call (562) 539-0011 with questions or to request an appointment. You can also book a visit to our Los Alamitos, CA office from this website anytime, day or night.

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Patients smile gallery