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Our custom sports mouthguards perform great so young athletes can perform at their best!

Our small slice of southern California has been “home” to a number of notable sports “greats.” If you have an aspiring athlete on your hands at Los Alamitos Dental Care, we encourage you to consider professionally designed and made sports mouthguards. 

The humble mouthguard

Generally, it is advised that mouthguards be worn while athletes engage in contact sports. These activities include baseball, football, soccer, basketball, boxing, lacrosse, or hockey. These oral appliances are also appropriate for athletes of all skill levels and ages participating in non-contact sports with a high risk of falls. Such activities include gymnastics, skating and skateboarding, and cycling. 

When designed properly, kept in great condition, and made from durable materials, these guards do more than protect the teeth. However, we tend to associate sports-related dental injuries with knocked-out or avulsed teeth, dislodged teeth, cracks, and other forms of teeth damage. These types of damage can be costly and traumatic. 

Professional mouthguards also protect the tissues and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. So, when carefully selected and worn as advised, your gums, lips, cheeks, and other oral tissues also remain intact. Additionally, researchers have suggested that mouthguards reduce the concussive risk by limiting movement and absorbing some of the forces generated due to blows to the face and jaws. 

The professional difference

All too often, we see off-the-shelf and boil-and-bite guards hanging out of athletes’ mouths. Since these devices are not customized to their mouths, they tend to be uncomfortable or annoying, especially when engaging in physical activities. Generally, these appliances are also made from lesser materials. If the guard actually gets worn, it may not protect as it should, or it may break or wear down quite quickly. 

Make a great investment in your young athlete’s health and smile. Choose guards made at the office you trust, Los Alamitos Dental Care. One of our six talented dentists will design a one-of-a-kind mouthguard perfectly to your child’s specifications. We use durable materials to make the mouthguard, too. Additionally, we can advise on ways to keep the guard in tip-top shape. During check-ups, we will ensure the guard is performing as it should be. So your children can perform their best! 

To find out more about custom mouthguards, call (562) 539-0011. We welcome your questions, and you can also request an appointment at any time of the day from this website.

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