Teeth Whitening Los Alamitos

There are numerous reasons to choose our practice for teeth whitening in Los Alamitos. Our affordable whitening treatment can significantly improve your smile’s appearance and help you go from dull to simply amazing with a single visit to our practice. Our whitening gel is superior to over-the-counter whitening products and is designed to provide longer-lasting results you’ll love showing off.

How it Works

Schedule a visit to Los Alamitos Dental Care and let our staff know you’re interested in our signature whitening system. Following an exam to rule out gum issues and cavities, we’ll custom-craft whitening trays that fit over your teeth to hold the whitening gel in place.

We’ll provide you with complete instructions on how to apply the gel in the comfort of your own home- it’s as easy as placing the gel in the trays and wearing the trays for the intended amount of time. Continue home treatments until your teeth reach your desired level of whiteness.

Why Pro Whitening is More Affordable

Although store-bought products seem to be cheaper when compared with professional cleaning, the fact is the value of OTC products is inferior to what you’ll find from a dental practice. You may get short-term results by using an over-the-counter whitener; however, you’ll have to re-purchase and re-use the store-bought product many times over in your attempt to get the same results that you would experience by visiting our office- and the results will be less than desirable.

Best Cosmetic Treatment

Consumer experts agree that professional whitening is still the most affordable cosmetic dental treatment money can buy. Teeth whitening at Los Alamitos Dental Care is the easiest, most cost-effective way to improve your smile. Compared with veneers that are also designed to whiten teeth, gel whitening is only a fraction of the cost and is much less of a commitment.

Your Best First Impression

Schedule a consultation with our staff regarding teeth whitening, and we’ll give you several reasons to show off your brightest smile yet. At-home teeth whitening from Los Alamitos Dental Care is a very convenient option and can fit your personal schedule better than a series of appointments.​

So go ahead- smile with confidence that your teeth look their very best from morning to night. Professional whitening protects teeth against daily stains that typically dull teeth from one brushing to the next.

We Can Meet Your Family’s Dental Needs

As a full-service dental care facility, Los Alamitos Dental Care has invested in the latest equipment to meet the complete oral care needs of your family. From general and children’s dentistry to restorative and cosmetic options, we can keep you smiling from one visit to the next.

Painless dentistry means more enjoyable appointments and superior dental care. Today, there is no reason to fear a visit to the dentist. Give us a call to schedule your next whitening session with our dental specialists.

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