Dental Implants Los Alamitos

Are you in need of urgent dental implants in Los Alamitos? For high-quality services, you must choose your service provider carefully. At Los Alamitos Dental Care, we have been serving the community for years, helping many people regain their healthy, beautiful smiles.

Since we are among the best in practice, we guarantee the quality of our services and procedures. Dental implants can be life-changing interventions, which is why we need to make sure the procedures live up to the highest standards. Due to our extensive expertise in the practice, we will provide you with:

Prolonged care and assistance

The process will usually last up to eight months and consists of two phases: inserting the implants and attaching the replacement tooth. These two steps are separated from one another by up to half a year, during which you will wear temporary dentures. We maintain contact with our patients during the recovery period, to ensure proper progress and proper healing.

Our experts will inform you about the diet and the oral hygiene habits to adopt during this time and will be at your disposal constantly. We like forming strong relationships with our patients since long-term care is needed to keep your dental health in peak condition.

Patient-oriented approaches​

Since dental implants are complex and long-lasting procedures, our goal is to adapt the intervention to your situation. Before the dental implants in Los Alamitos, our professionals will take you through a screening process. They will investigate your current dental situation, your jawbone structure, as well as your clinical condition.

The purpose is to ensure the success of the intervention by eliminating the risk factors. We will also help you make proper adjustments to your lifestyle for faster healing, as the implant will fuse to the bone.

A friendly and comfortable experience

Having a dental implant can be a life-changing experience. We do our best to provide you with a pleasant experience in a relaxing and intimate setting. Our professionals are sociable and experienced in working with all types of people. We’ll take care of the entire family with the same professionalism and friendly attitude, so make sure to bring everyone with you for a check-up.

New patient? Don’t worry; you’ll be in good hands!

We understand how emotional people can get when it comes to schedule an implant. It is a serious commitment that’s meant to change your life significantly. We make use of our almost 30 years of experience in practice to provide you with top quality and impeccable services.

We have an in-house payment membership plan, in case you lack health insurance, to help you get things started. Besides, our New Patient Coupon will help you save $100 if you come for a routine screening now. Our dental implants in Los Alamitos meet the highest standards in practice, the same as our services and attitude towards our clients.​

Come to Los Alamitos Dental Care, and we’ll teach you how to achieve the perfect smile! Our professionals are here, ready to take your case.

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