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Sealants just make sense! Protect decay-prone back teeth with professional dental services

Lifelong dental care starts at a young age at Los Alamitos Dental Care. Our talented team of six dentists generally recommends that the first visit to our office occur around the age of 2. It is important for us to establish healthy habits. Letting positive behaviors take hold early in life makes it so much easier for them to “stick” later on. Furthermore, it is always preferred to keep teeth intact and smiles looking great rather than be forced to play catch-up years down the road.

Dental sealants are an effective and easy preventative service available to patients in our corner of southern California starting at around the age of six or seven. When these first permanent molars erupt through the gums, we may recommend sealants as a proactive measure. Sealants protect not only the molars but also an appropriate preventative service for the premolars or bicuspids in front of the first molars. 

The trouble with back teeth

The reason back teeth need protecting transcends their hard-to-reach locations. Due to their function (grinding down food), premolars and molars feature pits and fissures. These uneven nooks and crannies tend to “trap” food particles. Lingering sugars and starches in our foods and beverages promote the development of tooth decay. These substances combine with harmful oral bacteria. They produce destructive plaque. The acids in plaque erode the hard tissues (teeth). Plaque also releases toxins, which break down the soft tissues (gums) that surround and support the teeth. 

Due to their unique features, back teeth are much more susceptible to cavities. As decay progresses, it erodes the tooth structure and produces holes or cavities. In fact, it is estimated that around 90% of all cavities develop in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. So, it is no surprise that the application of sealants to the back teeth also aligns with these figures; the CDC reports sealants are associated with an 80% reduction in cavities among school-aged children.

The sealants process

The application of the sealant takes just minutes. It can be done painlessly and conveniently from the comfort of our office. In fact, we can apply the sealants during your child’s regular dental check-up. The teeth to be “sealed” are cleaned, dried, and then “conditioned” to ensure the tightest bond between the sealant and the tooth. The sealant itself is formulated from a safe resin or plastic compound. Our dentists brush the sealant on the teeth precisely. Once the sealant has penetrated the grooves and pitted surfaces of the tooth, we use a special tool to harden the liquid. Voila! The sealant is bonded to the teeth and can now seal out all of those nasties, which can threaten the health and beauty of your child’s smile. 

Oh, and sealants are not just for kids. Call to find out if sealants are appropriate to protect you or your family member’s decay-prone teeth. Our office can be reached at (562) 539-0011 or from this website.

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