Non-Surgical & Surgical treatment of Gum Disease
Non-Surgical & Surgical treatment of Gum Disease
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We emphasize proactive and conservative care to keep your gums healthy

As your lifelong dental care partners, we are with you at every stage of your oral health journey. Led by six talented dentists, Los Alamitos Dental Care is dedicated to protecting the health of the teeth and the tissues that connect and support them. When individuals experience problems with their gums, we accurately pinpoint and resolve inflammation and disease early and proactively before it causes damage. And should more severe damage be present, we provide a range of modern surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. We keep our slice of Orange County, California, smiling comfortably and confidently!

Preventing the disease process, stopping it in its tracks

Also known as “periodontal disease,” gum disease is a progressive condition. So, there are many opportunities to prevent it from getting worse. The build-up of bacterial plaque irritates the gums. Mild gum disease, or gingivitis, is, in turn, characterized by inflammation of the gums or gingiva. 

Your gums may feel tender when you touch them or when your brush or floss makes contact. You may notice the “red stuff” on your toothbrush or floss thread. Your gums may also have a duskier or redder hue than usual. These are all potential signs of gingivitis; however, gum disease is notoriously asymptomatic in its earliest phases. Many patients do not experience any changes until the disease has progressed and caused damage. Fortunately, we have many advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint problems before they produce even the most subtle symptoms. This feature of our practice informs conservative and tissue-preserving treatments. 

When intervened sufficiently early into the disease process, we can even reverse the effects of gingivitis! Options at these earlier stages are all about managing plaque build-up. They include techniques or products to clean the teeth better and other areas of the mouth that harbor bacteria, such as the tongue. Professional cleanings at our office further remove stubborn plaque or tartar that cannot be eliminated with standard brushing and flossing. A deep cleaning method, known as scaling and root planing, may be appropriate for some forms of active disease. Here, we gently clean underneath the gum line. We also minimize the risk of bacteria and plaque building up on the root surfaces by smoothing them. 

Restoring gingival health 

Without proper and prompt treatment, gingivitis progresses to become periodontitis. This severe form of gum disease threatens the attachment between the soft and hard tissues, the gums, and the teeth. As these periodontal pockets or spaces grow, teeth may become loose in their sockets and shift. 

Conventionally, advanced gum disease has been resolved with more invasive surgical techniques. However, we offer conservative alternatives to these traditional treatments at Los Alamitos Dental Care. For instance, nonsurgical Perio Protect® involves fabricating custom trays or dental appliances, which are filled with a powerful, bacteria-fighting medication. When worn, as demonstrated by a member of our team, this medication is delivered gently below the gum line to treat areas that can’t be reached with standard hygiene tools. 

Make time for your gums now. Avoid toothier troubles later. Call (562) 539-0011 today to schedule your check-up at our Los Alamitos, CA office.

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